ROG ALLY Ultimate Windows Guide

Open Armory Crate Special Edition, then follow the steps below

Configure RGB

Go to Settings > Lighting > Settings and choose when you want RGB to display(I recommended at least turning it off for Sleep Mode)

Press B when done to back out to the main Settings menu

Command Center Items

In the main Settings menu, go to the right where it says "Edit Command Center" and go to the bottom where there are + symbols

Press A and choose what you want to add, my recommendations are:

  • Refresh Rate
  • Resolution
  • Game Library
  • End Task
  • AirPlane Mode
  • You can always take a screenshot with either Back Button + A or recording with either Back Button + Y

    NOTE: The above hotkeys only work in Gamepad Mode/In-Game(or in ACSE)

    Global Controller Settings

    NOTE: This is a very important part of the setup

    There are a few confusing issues with Armoury Crate's behavior when it comes to the default Global Profiles, such as:

  • Auto Mode switches between a Desktop Mode and a "Custom Game Profile Mode", but is different than using the GamePad Mode
    For X-Input games(Games with native Controller Support), it is recommended to set up GamePad Mode with all of your hotkeys, vibration and other settings and switch to GamePad Mode
    If you need to make a Custom change for a specific game (like Anti-Deadzone, different key mappings, etc), you can just change the Game Profile for that game and use the Auto Mode

    TLDR; Ideal setup is to use the Global GamePad Mode for 90% of your games, then the 10% that need custom changes per-game, create a Game Profile and use Auto Mode

  • In Desktop Mode, ASUS has assigned the right-mouse click to the Right Trigger
  • There is no Xbox Guide Button configured
  • When you create a Game Profile for any game, it overrides any/all Global Controller Settings (if your Controller Mode is set to Auto)

  • 1. In the main Settings menu, under Control Mode, go to Configure and choose the Desktop Mode

    2. Change the Left Bumper from TAB to Right Mouse Click - you can also then change the Right Trigger to TAB

    3. Still in Desktop Mode, setup the Xbox Guide Button as a Secondary Function of a key, I use the Menu button, it's under the Action Tab

    4. Switch over to the GamePad Mode and repeat this step for the Xbox Guide Button

    5. You might also want to assign a ALT + F4 Macro - I have set this as the Secondary Functionfor the View button

    6. I would also recommend setting your Vibration settings(by default, set to 100%) for Gamepad Mode, so you don't have to set these on every game

  • Feel free to add any other custom hotkeys you might want
  • 7. If you are going to use Steam, I would recommend turning off Xbox Game Bar(search for this in Windows)

    8. Launch Steam through Game Library, which will open in Big Picture Mode, log in, then use the Xbox Guide Button
    you set to open the Steam Menu, then go to Settings > Controller and turn on "Guide Button focuses Steam" and "Enable Steam Input for Xbox controllers"

    Deadzone Calibrations

    1. In the main Settings menu, under Control Mode, go to Calibrate

    2. Follow the prompts to calibrate your Left Stick, Right Stick, Left Trigger & Right Trigger

    Fix Steam Double-Inputs

    If Steam is left on in the background, it might switch to Steam's Desktop Layout Profile, which can result in double-inputs

    We need to remove almost all items in the Desktop Layout -

    NOTE: This change synchronizes the Desktop Layout Settings with any other PCs with Steam you have

    1. Back in Steam Settings > Controller go to Desktop Layout

    2. Remove all commands in the layout(one at a time using the X Button)

    3. Add the following:

  • Right-Click for Left Bumper
  • Left-Click for Right Bumper
  • Joystick Mouse for Right Joystick
  • Scroll Wheel for Left Joystick
  • Change the Right Joystick Sensitivity to 100%
  • (Optional) Steam Desktop Mode

    Big Picture Mode is sleek but it's a resource hog and you will end up fighting the overlay - the steps below will configure Steam in Desktop Mode for the Game Library

    1. Armoury Crate already comes with a Steam app, but it's set to open Big Picture Mode

    2. Go to the app and change the Game Profile, go to the bottom where it says "Edit Game Info"

    3. Under the "Basic Information", click on Edit

    4. Under Launch CMD, go to the end and remove -gamepadui

    5. You must make sure that there is an additional Space after Steam.exe, or this will not work

    6. Back out of the Game Profile and you should now be able to launch Steam in Desktop Mode

    (Optional) Delete Moving Out

    For whatever reason, the game "Moving Out" is included on the stock ALLY Windows Experience

    Go to the Delete Button at the top of Game Library, select it and press the Y Button to remove it

    Go to Windows File Explorer and browse to C:\eSupport\eDriver\Software\Win32App\Team17\Moving Out and delete the folder

    This concludes the required steps for most functionality, the rest of the guide is for extra features & quality of life improvements

    Proceed to 5. Gyro Configuration