ROG ALLY Ultimate Windows Guide

Power Profiles are Broken?

Well, not exactly. They work OK, but the issue many have found is that the power profiles on battery, do not perform the same as when plugged in

Additionally, there are some questionable settings, especially if you were coming from a Steam Deck, such as CPU Boost being turned on for all profiles

or things like Power Profiles having TDP boosts that go up to 10W TDP more, then drop back down after a few minutes

What's the Fix?

I have developed an application called BSL-Tools-RAE (ROG ALLY Edition) that will let you customize power profiles and configure hotkeys to quickly switch between different settings

DISCLAIMER: The application could trigger a BAN for Anti-Cheat games - If you want to play these kind of games and use this software, here are some guidelines:

  • Do not adjust settings while inside the game(TDP, CPU Boost, Power Matching)
  • Do not enable Auto-Switcher features in the application
  • The link to download the application is right here on a separate Github Repo:

  • BSL Tools ROG Ally Edition
  • I don't want to single everyone out to using "My Tool" for changes, there are other apps you will find in the Additional Applications section

    The issue I have found with most of these other applications though, is they are not meant to co-exist alongside Armoury Crate SE, whereas mine was built with this purpose in mind

    The majority(possibly all) of these applications also use similar methods to control power, which can result in a ban in Anti-Cheat games as well, you have been warned

    I didn't plan to make a program, I just got to this section of the guide and it became the only option that made sense

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