ROG ALLY Ultimate Windows Guide

Motion Assistant Setup

You might be surprised to know that the ROG ALLY actually has a Gyroscope, however there is no native support at this time (I guess it's low on ASUS bucket list to support their hardware)

GPD uses the same type of Gyroscope inside of their devices, because of this, their application will work (so, thank you GPD!)

If you don't know what a Gyroscope is or why it's useful for gaming, there are plenty of youtube videos that will explain it, but TLDW; it's great for precision aiming in FPS games

Here are the steps to set up the Gyroscope (you can do this with Handheld Companion as well, but this will not be included in the guide):

1. The latest version of Motion Assistant (as of writing this, it is 1.1.73) can be obtained from GPD's Discord:

  • GPD Official Discord - Motion Assistant 1.1.73 (direct link)
  • 2. Install the application to a folder you would like (ex. C:\apps\MotionAssistant)

    3. Once installed, run the application from your Desktop


    Do Not touch any settings besides Gyro options, there is possible Risk here!


    4. Go to the Gyro Input Tab, make sure "Select Gyrometer" is set to Internal and the "Physical Controller is set to 0: Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

    5. Go to the Advance Tab and select the following:

  • Start with windows
  • Minimized
  • Minimized after Startup
  • (Optional) UDP Server - this is for WiiU/Switch Emulation
  • 6. Test out the Gyro by checking the box Gyro Simulate at the top of the screen

    7. Under the Gyro Simulate Tab, you can customize the sensitivity to your liking and whether or not to simulate a Mouse, 360 or DS4 controller

    8. Once finished, click the Save button at the top and overwrite the default.ini file

    9. Minimize the application to keep it running, it will stay in the System Tray

    NOTE: WiiU / Yuzu Setup won't be shown here, there are some steps to perform on the emulators themselves that you can find other guides for

    Hotkey Setup

    You might want to have Gyro enabled/disabled with a Hotkey - you can do this by setting up a Macro in Armoury Crate:

    1. Open Armoury Crate and go into Settings > Control Mode > Configure > GamePad Mode > Key Mapping

    2. In my case, I chose to use the Secondary Function for the Left Trigger

    3. Once you choose the key you want to edit, go to Combine Keys and press the X Button to add a new Macro

    4. I chose the combination CTRL + ALT + L-SHIFT + ], once you have created the Macro, press the A Button to add the Macro as the Secondary Function

    5. I repeated this as well for Desktop Mode to keep my hotkeys the same and for testing

    6. Open Motion Assistant and go to the Gyro Enable Tab

    7. The first option is the Gyro Hotkeys > Gyro Simulate, click the Set button and then press your key mapping you set in Step #4

    8. That should be it, you can uncheck the Gyro Simulate box at the top if it's checked still, and you should be able to use your hotkey to turn it on and off now!

    To continue setup, please Proceed to 6. Fixing Power Profiles