ROG ALLY Ultimate Windows Guide

Custom Windows OS Recommendations

I can't recommend a custom Windows version for a few reasons:

  • Custom Windows builds that you can download violate Microsoft's re-distribution terms(it's illegal per their legal software terms)
  • There are builds that modify an existing Windows Image you already have, such as ReviOS and Tiny11, can be built by the end user with a Windows 11 ISO, but won't be covered here
  • Custom builds often leave out important functionality that you may need later, or due to the invasive nature, can cause unexpected stability issues with ripped out services/processes - and unforseen issues with Windows Updates
  • While custom builds can make Windows feel "snappier", there really isn't any performance gains for gaming (within margin typically)
  • Lastly they pose a high security risk, you are fully trusting the author that there is no malicious modifications to the kernel or other processes(these guys are smart enough to mask from Anti-Virus)
  • (Optional) Recommended Debloat Process

    I believe that a minimal amount of debloat is needed for the ROG ALLY with the Stock Windows 11 image it provides

    My bloat recommendations will also remove some security features to make the ROG ALLY easier to use, if you don't like it, don't follow it. I will label them with (Risk) at the beginning

    There are dozens of debloat tools out there. I prefer to use SophiApp, it is Open Source and is non-invasive. It can be downloaded below:

  • 1. First make a System Restore Point, so you can quickly revert back in-case any of this breaks your system(but it shouldn't)

    2. Once downloaded, extract it and run the SophiApp.exe file

    3. If the SmartScreen pop-up comes up, just choose to run it anyway. Inside the app, first go to Settings and turn on Advanced Settings

    4. I would recommend the following:

  • Under Privacy, disable all Telemetry/MS Feedback options
  • Under System, Disable "Storage Sense" & enable "Display Stop Error Code when BSoD occurs"
  • Under System, Install Visual C++ Modules & .NET Framework (don't uninstall OneDrive, it will fail)
  • Under Personalization, switch to Dark Mode
  • Under UWP Apps, uninstall any unwanted UWP apps(Minimum to keep -- ACSE, MyASUS, Realtek, Movies & TV, Realtek and any Xbox apps)
  • Under UWP Apps, disable "Enable Microsoft Teams autostarting" and "Autostart Cortana"
  • Under Games, keep "Xbox Game Bar"(used for Recording in Armoury Crate) and "Xbox Game Bar Tips" and enable "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling"
  • (Risk) Under Security, disable "Check apps and files within Microsoft Defender SmartScreen" & "Mark files that have been downloaded from the internet as unsafe"
  • (Risk) Under Security, set "Choose when to be notified about changes to your computer" to Never Notify (this disables UAC prompts)
  • Under Context Menu, enable "Enable the Windows 10 context menu style" & disable "The "Cast to device" item", "The "Share" item" & "The "Print" item"
  • 5. After applying and rebooting, open Remove Apps and Programs and make sure that all the apps you wanted uninstalled are gone, uninstall OneDrive as well

    Proceed to the next step 3. Windows OS Tweaks