ROG ALLY Ultimate Windows Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What are we doing here ?

This guide is for setup and configuration of the ROG ALLY and is intended to provide the best Windows 11 experience

This will consist of both written and video instructions to make it as simple to follow as possible

Will the steps in this guide brick my ALLY?

No, the changes made here are all software related (except "Hardware Upgrades" section)

I don't like the Changes Made in this Guide and I want to Start Over

You can always choose "Reset This PC" in Windows, re-install Windows or use Cloud Recovery if your warranty is active

If you aren't familiar with Cloud Recovery, you can follow the timestamped section of the video below for the process(it is built-in for the ROG ALLY):

Will this guide make my ROG ALLY perform better?

Not really. This guide is meant to be "feature rich and functional" not "overly complex and unstable" (more on this in debloat section)

Do I really have to follow everything in this Guide?

No. At the bare minimum, I would recommend to at least follow through Sections 1 - 4, (you can skip 2. (Optional) Windows OS Debloat)

Please proceed to1. First Time Setup