Steam Deck Ultimate Windows Guide

NOTE: This Section is optional. Steam Deck Tools by itself can do the following:

You can still install Adrenalin -- for manual Color Correction, adjusting Image Sharpening and touch screen accuracy. Some other untested features may work.

The working version of Adrenalin Software as of 11-17-23 is 23.9.1 (For the APU Drivers released on November 17, 2023 from Valve)


AMD Adrenalin 23.9.1

installing the driver will fail as it won't be able to find a compatible graphics card. However, inside the C:\AMD folder search for CCC2_Install.exe and install it. (This will in fact install with no errors)

(NOTE: If you run into an error when installing about missing DLLs, make sure to download and install the Visual C++ Runtimes click Here)

Configuring Adrenalin Software

Open the Adrenalin Software by right-clicking Desktop background > Show More Options > AMD Software:Adrenalin Edition

GPU Scaling

GPU Scaling must be enabled for On-Screen Display resolution change with Steam Deck Tools. Enable this under Display > Display Options (you can keep on "Preserve Aspect Ratio" if preferred)

Image Sharpening

Click the Gear icon on top-right, go to the Graphics tab, enabled Radeon Image Sharpening - set to 100

Color Correction (Vibrancy)

Click the Display tab. If connected with external monitor, make sure the display with the "AMD Custom GPU 0405" is selected. On the right-hand side, enable "Custom Color" as well as "Color Temperature Control". Here are some suggested values:

Color Temperature: 5900

Brightness: 7

Hue: 0

Contrast: 107

Saturation: 132

Fixing Touch-Screen Accuracy

While still inside of the Display tab, go to the bottom left. Click Launch Control Panel next to "Adjust EDID Settings". This will open a new window, click the ...Advanced and under the DGMA tab, enable the AMD Custom GPU 0405 and set the Aperture Size to 128. Click Apply and it will prompt to reboot to take effect.

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