Steam Deck Ultimate Windows Guide

What is this Application ?

Steam Deck Tools - SteamController app is a fully functional controller application that works on both Steam and non-steam games. Non-Steam games are treated as a Xbox360 Controller unless you run it through Steam Input(more on this configuration later)

This application is being constantly updated on a frequent basis. While this guide will try to provide as up-to-date of details as possible, it is recommended that you review the latest release notes and front-page for setup and configuration located here --

If you don't have SWICD, skip to Steam Controller Installation Setup

I have SWICD, should I replace it?

I say yes, it is worth replacing at this point. SteamController can work together with Steam Input, with one menu click and is continuing to have more improvements/features and bug fixes. It also relies on less third-party applications to function.

OK I want to replace SWICD, what do I do?

  1. Open HidHide and click the Devices tab, make sure that all of the settings on the bottom are unchecked, then uncheck any devices

  1. In Control Panel, open Task Scheduler(you can search in Windows for this) and delete the HidHide_Updater task. You can also optionally delete HidHide executable from your Deck entirely as it is not needed

  1. Uninstall the following applications through Control Panel:

  2. mKenfenheuer (this is SWICD Controller Driver) - If you do not see this, or it does not uninstall successfully, delete the following folder:

    C:\Program Files\Maximilian Kenfenheuer

  3. HID Virtual Device Kit Standard 2.1 (this is Tetherscript)

You are now ready to install Steam Deck Tools

SteamController Installation & Setup

  1. First make sure you have Visual C++ Modules installed, then download the latest "setup" release:


  3. Run the installer, leave all defaults checked

  4. You may receive a command prompt asking to agree to source terms like below, type Y and press Enter

  1. After installation, you should have 4 icons in your System Tray, some will be black icons(meaning they are working-- may be hard to visibly see in Dark Mode), some may be red icons, which is OK for now(we will address in Section 1.5 & 1.6)

  1. Locate the SteamController icon and right-click it. Here you can choose the behavior of Steam Input if you have Steam installed. You have 3 options:

  2. Ignore Steam (this is the default setting, which will not make any changes to Steam and expects you to not use Steam at all for gaming)

  3. Use X360 Controller with Steam (this means all Steam Games will function like a X360 Controller)

  4. Use Steam Input with Steam (this means when playing a native Steam Game((not a non-steam game inside Steam)), it will see your controller as a Steam Deck controller)

If you choose either of the two options, you will get a prompt about this, once clicking OK, Steam will close

  1. Re-open Steam manually - and go to the Desktop version if it launches in Big Picture Mode

  2. Go into Steam > Settings > Controller > DESKTOP CONFIGURATION and choose "Browse Configs" on the bottom, choose the "SteamController provided empty configuration" and click "APPLY CONFIGURATION" and then "DONE"

  1. That's it! If you want to change the Haptic vibration for Non-Steam games, right-click SteamController in System Tray and choose Settings and here you can set the "LeftIntensity" and "RightIntensity"

  1. There are other settings you can set for assigning Back Buttons on Non-Steam games

  2. To toggle between Desktop and X360 controls, you can hold the Start button(3 dashes) for 3 seconds, and you will hear a noise in Windows from the device being changed

  3. For a list of System Hotkey Combos, right-click SteamController and click on "Shortcuts"

  4. NOTE: The Steam Deck Tools suite comes with additional apps (Performance Overlay, PowerControl and Steam Deck Fan) - it is highly recommended you follow the rest of this guide for proper setup -- and be sure to read all of the Disclaimers

  5. If you like the software, please donate to the developer!

To continue setup, please Proceed to 6. Unlocking Refresh Rate & RTSS