Steam Deck Ultimate Windows Guide

Unlocking Refresh Rates with CRU

  1. Download Custom Resolution Utility, extract somewhere you will permanently keep (Ex: C:\\Documents\Tools\CRU):

  2. Custom Resolution Utility 1.5.2 by ToastyX

  3. Download the BIN file here and put into same folder

  4. Ciphray's Custom BIN for CRU

  5. Open Custom Resolution Utility and click the Import button, browse to the BIN file you just downloaded (also if you have an external monitor connected, make sure the correct display is selected at the top, should match the image below):

  1. Once you have imported the file, click the Delete All button in the middle of the window, below the 256x160 resolutions

  2. click the OK button at the bottom of Custom Resolution Utility, it will then close

  3. Reboot your computer for changes to take effect

RTSS Setup - Enable OSD (On-Screen Display)

  1. Download the latest RivaTuner Statistics Server (7.3.5 Beta 1 Build 27564 (VS 2022)), link below:

  2. (If issues downloading, Right-Click > Copy Link > Paste it into Address Bar)

  3. You will need 7-zip(recommended) or WinRar to extract the archive:

  4. 7-Zip (choose 64-bit x64 version)

    WinRAR (choose the latest x64 (64-bit)

  5. Install it, and run the app

  6. Toggle "Start with Windows" and "Show On-Screen Display" to "On" and then Minimize(don't click the X or it will close)

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